IC17 Replacement


OBD1 IC17 Replacement
TA8903SN Replacement

This part is used to repair Honda OBD1 ECUs that either do not activate the fuel pump, or have a delay in doing so.

Installation direction

H1C1 Replacement


This part is used to repair ECUs with CEL codes 4, 8, and 9. If you've replaced distributors and still have a CEL, this is probably your problem! This item will ship with a purple color, the same as our other products.

SST Chip


Due to the unavailability of 28 pin SST chips and the emergence of many counterfeits, we have created a proprietary adapter to use PLCC-32 chips in place of DIP-28 chips

Purchase from Burton Racing.

RM11 VTEC Conversion


Allows you to neatly add the RM11 VTEC resistor network to your non-VTEC ECU! This also includes the resistors for the auto trans conversion if needed.

NOTICE:You will still need to purchase additional components elsewhere for working VTEC, this is just for the RM11 resistor network.

STA413 Replacement


New custom part. Used to repair fuel pump not priming even after IC17 repair, and A/C issues.