Coil Pack Controller rev 1.1

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Our Honda Coil on Plug Conversion board fits into the stock OBD1 Honda ECU. The board fits where the knock board is on some ECUs. It comes with all necessary wiring and includes a pass-through header if you want to use the OEM knock board.


  • Compatible with B/D/H/F series

  • Works on stock and chipped/Hondata ECUs

  • Allows for better spark, bigger plug gaps, and no more moving parts for improved reliability.

  • Near-stock cranking time unlike some other COP kits

  • Compatible with most smart coils - K20/24, D17, J32/35/37, GM LSx, AEM, and many others. Can also be used to drive a CDI controller.

  • Automotive grade components


  • Coil Pack Controller rev1.1 with harness - $339 shipped

  • Coil Pack Controller rev1.1 DIY - $175 shipped worldwide from the USA

  • The DIY kit includes all components needed, including the JST connectors to build the coil pack harness, and the pin header to solder into your ECU. We include extra JST pins in case you break any. You can purchase a crimping tool for the pins, but it is very easy to crimp them using pliers.


How does international shipping work? We ship internationally through USPS, though shipping is no longer free internationally.

What ECUs is this compatible with? This is compatible with any USDM OBD1 Honda ECU. You do not need to have a chipped or tuned ECU to use this. For OBD2 or JDM ECUs, see our external coil pack controller.

My car is misfiring, what do I do? Make sure you are using resistor spark plugs. BKR7E is a popular choice. Check to make sure the board is properly seated in the ECU. If you soldered the header yourself, make sure the solder joints are not cold. Lastly, make sure your coil packs have a good power and ground connection and are from a known good vehicle. Check your coil packs - if one is noticeably hotter than the others, it is damaged. If this all does not work, your distributor may be damaged.

What coil packs should I use? K series coil packs are the most popular. We only recommend DENSO coil packs. If you are on a budget, used DENSO coil packs generally work very well and can be purchased for $40-60 on eBay. You will also need a plate to retain them.

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